Employee Health

Wellness Screening and Vaccination Programs

Increasingly, employer groups are finding that work site health promotion leads to a more engaged and productive workplace.

For example a ‘meta-evaluation’ of 56 studies published 1982–2005 found that worksite health promotion produced on average a decrease of 26.8% in sick leave absenteeism, a decrease of 26.1% in health costs, and a decrease of 32% in workers’ compensation costs and disability management claims costs.

[Chapman LS (2005). "Meta-evaluation of worksite health promotion economic return studies: 2005 update" (PDF). Am J Health Promot 19 (6): 1–11. PMID 16022209. ]

Various independent studies show that in Australia workplace influenza immunisation has been shown in the studied examples to result in a net cost saving of between $20.93 and $58.36 per vaccinated employee was achieved. 

[Cohen P et al. Influenza vaccination in an occupational setting: effectiveness and cost-benefit study. J Occup Health Saf Aust NZ 2003, 19(2): 167-182]

At Laverty Pathology, we are able to tailor on-site or off-site wellness screening programs where we can arrange our staff to perform and report wider assessments, or alternatively we can participate in a program that only monitors health from a bio-medical market perspective (that is analyses of key blood and urine indicators).

We are able to co-ordinate and tailor a screen, and issue an employee report of progress to individual or groups of your staff on key wellness indicators such as:

  • Vaccination administration (e.g., Influenza)
  • Blood and pressure monitoring
  • Heath risk assessment questionnaires
  • ECG monitoring
  • Body mass index
  • Key laboratory markers:  - Cardiac/Lipid studies  - Liver function tests  - Diabetes screens  - Joint health (arthritis) screens.

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