With over 650 patient Collection Centres throughout NSW and ACT, our network ensures that we provide a convenient and comprehensive blood and specimen collection service to the communities we serve.

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Important Information About Your Test

The health care provider who requested your test(s) may have given you special instructions for preparing for your test. Follow those instructions exactly as given by your doctor. For more information, call 133 936 or visit the Preparing for Your Test page here.

Specific Collection Arrangements: Specialist Tests:

Arrangements and appointments for some tests need to be authorised and co-ordinated in advance by Laverty Pathology’s special testing department. These tests include but are not limited to: Plasminogen activator, Glucagon stimulation test, Extended RAST allergen testing, Glucose tolerance test with insulin, Sweat test, Growth hormone exercise test, Synacthen stimulation test, Ischaemic limb lactate test, Water deprivation test, Clonidine growth hormone stimulation test, Pituitary tests. Please call your local collection centre to begin the process of scheduling one of these specialist tests.

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