What We Stand For

Company History

Our Mission and Values are inextricably linked to our foundations and heritage borne through medical and scientific leadership.

Laverty Pathology and its predecessor practices can trace their foundations back to 1928, with the establishment of Dr Eva Shipton’s medical laboratory in Macquarie Street in Sydney. Dr Shipton was one of Australia’s first female specialist pathologists, and was appointed a CBE in 1974 for services to medicine.

Her practice, which later became known as Sydney Diagnostic Services (“SDS”), grew steadily through the addition of a number of well-known pathology practices, including the practices of Doctors Maynard, Orban, Lindsell, Hale, Cottom, Woods, and Moses and Patwardhan.

Simultaneously to the growth of SDS, the practice known as Symbion Laverty Pathology was also steadily growing through both organic growth and addition of a number of highly regarded and innovative medical laboratory practices such as Dr Roger Hampson’s practice, Macquarie Pathology, and Dr Colin Laverty’s practice.

In 2008, SDS merged with Symbion Laverty Pathology to become one of Australia’s largest pathology practices, and today is known as “Laverty Pathology”.